Radiant Wholeness - Life Coaching

 Aligning with our truth is the only way to embrace all our power!


Radiant Wholeness - Life Coaching

Inner&Outer Beauty Awareness Revealed


‘Wholeness’ – The state of being perfectly well in body, soul (mind, will and emotions) and spirit. Complete.

Radiance’ - the light that shines from within. Emitting rays of light. Shining bright.


We must see ourselves as the whole, beautiful, amazing humans we are. Where nothing is missing, and the natural desire to evolve gives us joy and ultimate fulfillment. 


We honor you for having the courage and strength to embody this journey of inner transformation, as for it may seem by many as only a physical change, one can not go without the other. Radiance comes from your Beauty Within…and this is true for all human beings.


We want to support you in this process..


You are making an investment in yourself, and we want to accompany you with all our love and the best expertise to prepare you for the emotional and physical journey you are about to embark on, from the knowing that everything we want is within and comes first when we access it from the inside…and by listening to what different parts of our selves are telling us. Only then, will the transformation show up on the outside, and last.


Radiant Wholeness grounds this powerful work on the unique relationship between our Inner Self and the Outer Self - one being a reflection of the other plus a third vital one, the relationship with your Higher Self. And here, is, where we help you develop the unique relationship between your Mind, your Body & your Soul.

We believe You are the most precious jewelon the planet, and as such, we want to share how we have learned to give tender, love and care of ourselves.


 Together, we will explore:


  • The way you take care of yourself: self-love
  • The way we talk to ourselves : self-talk
  • The way we look at ourselves in the mirror: self-image / body-image
  • Thoughts on surgery, doubts/fears
  • Breathing techniques to balance nervous system
  • Healing transition time
  • Expectations after surgery: physical and social
  • First time surgery/reconstructive surgery
  • Health, Wellbeing
  • Mindful Eating
  • Sticking to new habits /letting go of old habits
  • Life purpose
  • How to access your Higher Self 
  • Trusting your inner guidance
  • Gaining confidence: in yourself, and in your choices, to live an empowered life
  • Knowing how to take special care of your body, as you are fine tuned with yourself
  • Feeling beautiful
  • Wanting not only to look beautiful but honoring and loving your Self and your body
  • Self – worth
  • Self – value
  • Own your voice
  • Own your truth
  • Own your authenticity
  • Own your Flaws and Insecurities
  • Feel confident, authentic & Empowered and, finally
  • Embrace your Radiant Wholeness

You can create the life you truly desire if you are willing to be responsible for your own personal growth and evolution.

It’s your time to say Yes!  for you to realize the potential you hold to create change on the inside and shine your radiance all around. Experience your Radiant Wholeness!

Signature Coaching Programs



Through the 7 Steps to Stop Operating from Fear and Embodying your Radiant Wholeness program I help amazing humans redefine self-love so they can feel worthy of having anything their hearts desire and start creating the life they deserve, want & love.


How does working with me look like?


Coaching is a highly personal process, tailored to every client’s needs. It can be done in person, online or over the phone, and consists of weekly 60-120 min sessions in which we will focus entirely in tapping into your own wisdom and power. 


It all starts with a complimentary first session in which you’ll experience what saying YES to yourself feels like. Then, we’ll choose which of my programs fits you best:


The 3 month program

The 6 month program

The 12 month program


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Radiant Goddess Bikini Body & Life Transformation - 3 month program  


Intense one-on-one coaching program to uncover the unconscious roots of what’s keeping you from having and maintaining the body of your dreams.


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VIP Day 

VIP Day, is a Highly Transformative Process

Spend an entire day dedicated 100% to focusing on your Radiance! That’s right, we’ll spend the day working on your life. We will work together to discover hidden fears, limiting beliefs and disempowering behaviors that keep sabotaging your life and sucking out its joy. Allow yourself to experience massive breakthroughs and develop the strategies needed, through the New Empowering Daily Rituals for sustainable change in your life. Become the unstoppable person you want to be!

I can meet you in person at your preferred location or work with you by phone or Skype, anywhere in the world.

What can you expect to get from a VIP Intensive Coaching Day?




Start living from a whole new frequency, the vibration of gratitude, freedom, love & joy.

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