I am Daniella. A faithful advocate of truth and Life enthusiast! 


And this is my Manifesto!


I believe that you are beautiful. Beautiful beyond measure. Called to greatness. 


We ALL are. In our own, unique, marvelous ways. 


And I believe that we must attend this calling, for it is divine, so it is your duty.


I believe that LIFE is meant to be fully enjoyed and fully lived.


I believe YOU deserve to step into your power, and live the life of your dreams.


I believe in fun, in music, in dancing and laughing our hearts out.


And in welcoming all feelings as they are: raw and pure.


I believe in the strength of community and in the true power of wild, unconditional love


For years I traveled the world. In search for answers. For inner peace.

I surrounded myself with wisest teachers I could find and healers.

I learned, and I lived, and I tried, and I fell. 


Patterns of punishment and reward where all over the place. Until I could see this patterns and I made the conscious and loving choice ofno more punishment, no self abuse or allow abuse from others.


I was searching for something to fix it all. For guidance to make the pain go away. For quick fixes and for extreme measures. I wanted to end the struggle. But the struggle kept traveling with me. 


And then I went back home once again. Guided by my Spirit. By my true, pure, inner self. I listened, and listened some more. She told me the answer. To embrace inner love. Radically. Fully. Unconditionally. 


To rebuild a new paradigm, rested in wholeness. From which true beauty naturally unfolds. 


And because of my journey it is that I take a stand today for MYSELF, and for YOU. 


You are WORTHY of a beautiful life, and you have the right to find that divine power in you.


I am here to tell and show you that you are WORTHY because of who you are. Period. not based on what you have done or achieved.



If you are hiding...

if you feel you have blindspots...

if you have unconscious patterns...

if you feel there is an inner conflict between who you want to be and who you are being now...

if you feel you are the worlds number 1 self sabotager...

If you feel lost...

if you are searching for answers..

if you want more in life...


My soul has always known I was meant to meet you. 





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