Very early on, the search began. 

The search for peace. I mean. 

 I tried to fit in with the rules of the conventional world. And I just didn’t. And I just couldn’t. 


But there was always a guiding light. A voice that fueled the quest. There was always music. There was always exercise, laughter, friendships, dance and hope. My Venezuelan roots are strong, and I had a clear sense of what a vibrant, joyful, life looks like. There had to be more of that life, of that peace somewhere, and there had to be a way to make it permanent. To create a new amazing “normal”, and to turn those sparkles into a steady glow. To step fully into the power of light. 


So as soon as I could, I traveled the world, insatiable for answers from the outside, to fill that internal void, where I could hear the lie, loud and clear. The lie that told me that there was something inherently wrong with me. Something I had to fix.


The driving force would spring me forward, into alignment, and then the monstrous fear would hold me back. Again and again I sabotaged myself. 


At fourteen, I had the fortune to visit the Chopra Center with my grandfather. And I was hooked. I devoured Ayurveda literature. I learned to meditate and began a yoga practice. 


In my early twenties, I traveled to India. I stayed at an Ashram for 6 weeks, and then traveled to Sri Lanka and Thailand. I went to the great masters Pattabi Jois, BKS IYengar and David Williams to learn Ashtanga, Hatha yoga while undergoing a detox process with which I understood the vitality and purpose of clean eating. There was clarity, and more presence than I had ever experienced. 


I went back to my native Mexico with big dreams to bring these practices home, and my entrepreneurial stage began. I started to teach and share. 


My quest to find the magical thing that would fix it all continued. I still believed that seeking more knowledge was the answer to conquering myself. I had met with both the Plastic Surgeons, and the Energy Workers, before. It was time, then, to learn Bert Hellinger’s systemic constellations therapy, to understand the origins of my family dynamics.


My inner voice spoke, and then my fear spoke louder. I thought I needed to deviate from my path, to make income to financially support my true dream.


And so I entered the corporate world. I had always liked the good life, and thought maybe I would find it there. Surprise, surprise, it wasn’t what I expected. 


Maybe the adult voices I heard so many times as a child were right. You can’t have it all. You don’t deserve to be happy. They would say in one way or another.


But the driving force sprang me forward again. I wanted to become a life coach, and to get ready I searched for new masters, for new teachers and for more gurus. I studied with John F. Demartini, Esther and Jerry Hicks, followed The course in Miracles with Marianne Williamson, and read and saw everything written by Tony Robbins. 


And one fortunate day, after working with Ted McGrath, I could clearly visualize the power of my own blueprint. 


Coaching took a new spin. And I soared again.


The internal voice kept sounding, lauder and louder. I was clearly enjoying serving others in this way. It felt aligned, powerful and in true service to my divine calling. Larger than life. Larger than me. And almost real. 


There was one more school I needed to go to, to be ready to meet you, today. The school of “All the feels” as I call it.


A school in which the answer does not come from the East nor the West, but from within. From the power of feeling all the feelings that were so painful to be felt. From opening the door to the old wounds, and seeing the patterns that hadn’t served me. From being vulnerable. And raw. And real. 


A school where facing that fear, head on, and conquering it is finally possible. 

Where that inner voice gains strength, and shines.


I could stop escaping…I was finally home.


The voice is speaking now. It is loud, and clearer than ever. It is Ready. It is Radiant. It is Whole.


I know you hear it too. 


Your own inner voice is speaking as well. It wants its power back. And it wants it NOW. 


Join me so we can honor it, and let it roar.


Contact me to schedule your gift session and uncover your own unique radiance so you can consciously Design and Create your life aligned with your truth.