Radiant Goddess Within Workshop

 2 day awakening of our devine feminine sensuality

Dive deep. Embrace all senses. Listen to the whispers of the soul. Explore the wisdom of all feelings, and follow them to unleash the Radiant Goddess Within you. 


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 The Wellness workshops are focused on improving the well-being and the overall quality of life of the employee. 

Wellness emphasizes the whole individual. That is why I believe, the right name should be: WHOLENESS, actually!.

As it is the integration of the spirit, body and the mind; and the understanding that everything we do, feel, think and believe has a direct impact on our state of health.


Wellness is considered to be an active process of becoming aware of and learning to make choices (healthy choices) that lead toward a longer and more successful existence.

    •    We use the word “process” to note that further improvement is always possible

    •    We use the word “aware” to note that we are continuously seeking more knowledge about how we can improve.

    •    We use the word “choices” to note that we consider many options and choose those in our best interest.


Wellness is closely linked to your lifestyle and the choices we make. Each individual has a responsibility to themselves to provide for the essentials of good health – that being proper weight control, good nutrition, physical activity and exercise, and controlling of health risk factors such as tobacco use, alcohol and drug use and/or abuse. These things all have a role in wellness.



Since lifestyle and the choices we make been found to be the most important factor in determining our overall health, it’s important for us to be educated abouthealth and “take charge” of our life and have healthy lifestyle-related goals. 

The lifestyle choices we make will and do have a huge influence on our health andwellness. 

The secret isn’t in healthcare, but healthy and consistent self-care and most important self-love and self-worth.

While traditional (Western) medicine is focused on alleviating disease, the wellness approach to things encouragesto take responsibility for or own personal well-being.


Wellness is much more than simple an absence of illness and/or disease. Wellness is a proactive and preventative approach that’s designed to provide optimum levels of health, emotional and social functioning.


Wellness involves our recognition that we have psychological, physical, spiritual and social needs that are necessary for us to have higher levels of functioning.


There are seven areas of life that we are here to fulfill:

•    Our spiritual mission

•    Our mental genius/creativity

•    Our vocational success, achievement, service

•    Our financial freedom/independence

•    Our family love and intimacy and continuance of procreation

•    Our social influence and leadership

•    Our physical health, stamina, strength and well-being



This is a3 day program.

Manual is included.

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Morning Ritual

Your hour of power

3 steps to create a daily ritual for sustainable success

You will feel a change in your state of mind. When you feel different, you’ll take different actions and produce different results.

Duration: 3 hours

Material included: Manual

Date: TBD


Life's purpose / inspired life 

Focus on your vision

To create a life where you’re thriving, not just surviving,

You must focus on creating a compelling future. Pick anything—a goal, dream, or desire—that you want so much, you’re going to find yourself compelled to make it happen. The great thing is that, if you think about it, you’ve actually already done this before. Whether or not you’ve been keeping track of it along the way, there are things that you’ve wanted and have gotten for yourself. You are responsible for everything that you have in your life today.

If you want to thrive, you have to focus on the things you can control, the difference you can make, and the things that are already in your life that you’re grateful for.

Duration: 6 hours

Material included: Manual

Date: TBD



Don’t like your body? Your relationships? Your job?


We all get caught up in our own self-doubt. However, if you get in your head, you’re dead. The brain is a great tool

to strategize with, but there’s a point where you have to use your heart, put yourself on the line, and do something. Instead of thinking too much, commit to a decision, act on it, and move yourself forward.

Duration: 6:30am - 7:30 pm

Includes: juices & suplements




Radiant Wholeness Retreat

4 nights – 3 1/2 days 

Gorgeous Private Setting: Riviera Maya

A luxurious eco immersion getaway retreat for Mind, Body & Soul.

Gaze into the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, and allow every part of your body to be acknowledged, recognized, connected, healed, worked on, activated, enhanced and revered.

This Unique World-class Wholeness program is focused on:

Nourishing all the senses

                   All parts of the body

Acknowledging all the feelings

                       All the wisdom

Re-claimingyour health

                       Love, Joy, Passion, Purpose, Inspiration, Life, You!

Our Program includes: Nutritional healing with plant based wholesome foods and lifestyle consultation, traditional Mayan healing techniques,  Breathing Practices, Fitness, Yoga,  Meditation, Group sessions and more…  

Everyone’s purpose is unique.  If you are looking for deep relaxation, an energy boost, a complete rethinking of your lifestyle, or are dealing with a health crisis, this is the perfect space for you and this is your time! It could mean reloading your inner power, renewing your commitment to specific goals, rekindling inspiration and motivation, or increasing self-love and self-worth.  We’ll set out to shine our beauty, light and power from within, allowing us all to seize the God and Goddess within and illuminate the world with our brilliance!  

It is by creating awareness through the senses, that we can open the heart and listen to the inner voice that allows us to experience our Radiant Wholeness.

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