When the fluctuations of the mind dissolve, then the seer rests in her own true nature.     - Yoga Sutra 1-3   13. Arya P.1986


Principles of Yoga


“The deepest truth is revealed to those who turn their attention inward. Rare are the wise who shut their eyes to outward things and behold the glory within”      - Upanishads



The philosophy of yoga essentially guides the seeker inside.


Strength, pace and wisdom reside within. It is our task to make the connection.


In todays world characterized by multi-doers, having the awareness to keep one’s gaze inward can be extremely challenging.

On the mat, we may be consumed with ego rather than observation, form rather than function, results rather than action. Off the mat, we may be more inclined to pick up the phone or turn the t.v. than to contemplate our feelings, actions and movements.


The meditative flow of the yoga practice provides and invaluable tool for keeping our gaze inward. Reflecting on something as simple as the breath, the mind transcends to higher states, where the mysteries of power and energy are contemplated.


The philosophy reveals itself in the practice, bounces back to the literature and finds a home in each of us. The precise way we practice, interpret feelings and texts and build our inner home is unique to every individual.


This approach to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga on and off the mat, is one which facilitates the focus, calm and strength one needs to unveil his/her inner voice.


Yoga is meant to feel good, to calm our bodies as we strengthen them. 


“Asana is a posture that brings steadiness, comfort and joy.” 

 - Yoga Sutra 11 -46 4.  Arya, P.1986



“To have faith, there must be understanding, a conviction in the mind. When one has faith, one will action that faith. As faith increases and strenuousness grows, the mind takes a direction.”  

- The Its Yoga Philosophy by Larry Schultz and Reema Datta


Having faith in ourselves and of our spiritual potential, requires us to be conscious of our shakti, the power within us to achieve change, transformation and eventually moksha (liberation) here on earth. It is with this consciousness that we gain the ability to surrender our inner critic emitting judgments and expectations and knowledge our inner guru who is compassionate, accepting, loving and knows exactly what is right for us. 


In the yoga practice we use the breathe to connect with our state, our inner wisdom and power that communicates through our inner voice.


Being disconnected with our inner voice severs our minds from our bodies. Alienated from our feelings, we cannot communicate with ourselves let alone with anyone else. This results high degrees of conflict breeding confusion, uncertainty and unhappiness. We experience this conflict within ourselves, our relationships with others and we see it manifest at the levels of domestic and global conflict.


Yoga is a science of the mind, an act of freeing the mind. 


Our minds are consumed with thoughts driven by anxiety, insecurity and fear of the unknown.

Think of how insignificant there thoughts are.

Think of how these thoughts cloud our perception, cover ourselves with unnecessary tension. 

What has worrisome thinking ever led you to?



A terrible, awful feeling being with dissatisfaction?

Is it Real? Or is it imagination?

How much time, how much energy do you spend a day thinking? 

And how much time do you spend pausing to relax, breathe and notice your feelings?

Our thoughts cover us in clouds so thick we become foreign to our feelings. We cannot hear our deepest thoughts and may live day by day denying our truest emotions.

By paying attention to what we see, hear and feel, we can begin to honor our truth. Nothing else matters.

In every practice we say: “ Quiet the thinking mind and wake up your feeling bodies”


Wake up your soul.


Leave your mind conditioned by society, culture and innumerable eternal factors.


Wake up your spirit.

What do you feel?

What do you see?

What do you hear?

What do you smell?


Yoga sharpens the senses by allowing our energy to be used constructively.


Anxious thinking wastes our time, prana, life-energy. 

Feelings wake up our intentions and purpose. 

Honoring our feelings give us direction, security and satisfaction.

Quiet the mind and pay attention to what you see with your eyes open or closed. 

Only what you see with your eyes open is reality and only what you visualize with the calmest of minds is your purpose, your true authentic self. 


When the fluctuations of the mind dissolve, then the seer rests in her own true nature.     - Yoga Sutra 1-3   13. Arya P.1986



As we let go of our minds and awaken our feelings on the mat, the teachings of Ashtanga Yoga reveal themselves in the practice.


Taking a pause from your life, means breathe and let go, relax. What you see in the pause is the phenomenon of life. The pause is where the magic is revealed to us; the principles of living a good life, a life where we fulfill our dreams, where we live our truth, where we Iive in knowledge.

Yoga is a movement meditation where we pause all other activities to find that creative space that lives in your mind and heart, and speaks to you in an inspired loving voice.

We do the practice to connect our breath, our focus and voice to our truth. We are then ready to share the love in our authentic voice.




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 Education and Specialized Training in Yoga Credentials


Education in human behavior and maximizing human potential / coaching

2010  - Demartini Method Certified Facilitator. Dedicated to maximizing human potential and empowering lives. Houston USA


2009  - Ashtanga Yoga Teachers Training Master Teacher

Rocket I, II and III

Larry Schults. San Francisco, CA, USA

Yoga Alliance 200 hrs and 500 hrs


2007 - Yogi Siromani & Yoga Acharya

Yoga Vedanta  Forest Academy of Rishikesh, Sivananda Yoga. Madurai, India


Hatha Yoga Teachers Training 200 hrs Barath Shetty. Mysore, India

Yoga Teachers Training. BNS Iyengar, Mysore, India


2006 - Pranic Healing by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. Mexico City, MX

2005 - Reiki I, II & III Based on the Japanese Protocols of the Gakkai School and Spanish Alliance of Reiki.

Ashtanga Yoga , David Williams, Mexico City

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Anthony Carlisi, Sri Lanka

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Sri Pattabhi Jois. Mysore, India

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Jivamukti Style. Jogeswari. Mexico City

Chi Nei Tsang Detox Mantak Chia Garden, Thailand

Alkalize and Energize, Optimal Digestive Health. Detox. Cleanses. The Spa. Koh Samui, Thailand

Ayurveda  Dr. Shantala Mettha. Mysore, India



2005  -Yoga Classes and Workshops, Purno ham Yoga Studio. Mexico City.

2009 - 2011 Zen Yoga Studio Owner. Mexico City.


Special Certification in Fitness

2008  - Functional Fitness Mexico City

2000  - Spinning Certified Instructor by  Jonhy G



2000 - present.  I am a workout junkie, from teaching spinning and aerobics classes , workout at the gym everyday, weights, spinning, cardio, running, workout  indoors and outdoors, anywhere I have been I go to the gyms. Been a personal trainer to men and women where I have taken them to the best physical performance of their adulthood, combining functional movements, endurance, weight training, yoga and whole food nutrition. When working with a client you would see me making and delivering nutritional dense and delicious juices and meals, or taking them to train outdoors. In short, re-doing their whole kitchen, body, mindset, emotional & spiritual life.



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